Reboreda, taste and aroma of the best Ribeiro.


Reboreda, with a history of more than 75 years

Reboreda, with a history of more than 75 years, Finca Reboreda. Puga, Toén, Ourense is a pioneer in the D.O. … And like the great wines, it has always remained faithful to its essence: to offer the best of Ribeiro. In the 40s, founded by Mr. Manuel Méndez Villanueva, the Bodegas was born, in Prado de Miño, in the heart of the region that gives its name to one of the most reputed wines in Spain.

In 1990, the new facilities in Puga were created, and new vineyards were prepared. In 2002, a change was made in the society, with the entry of new shareholders, and the new family generation was incorporated. The history of the firm is linked to the success of its white and red wines

Reboreda – Ribeiro

New stage oriented towards the production of quality wines

A new stage oriented towards the production of quality wines, «estate» wines with their own personality. We also want to bet on the dissemination of the Culture of wine, approaching and offering the different projects that we will carry out in this field.


The Ribeiro Denomination of Origin is located in Galicia, on the northwestern edge of the province of Ourense and at the confluence of the valleys formed by the Miño, Avia and Arnoia rivers. A region at 45 km. of the Atlantic Ocean, in a very particular area and of excellent aptitude for the cultivation of the vine

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Adeus – Ribeiro

Adeus – Ribeiro

‘Adeus’ means goodbye in Galician and is the title of one of the most famous poems by Rosalía de Castro. This is a word that summarises our love for our land and is a tribute to a woman that has meant so much for Galicia’s history.

Varieties: Treixadura and Torrontés

Sub-area: Val do Miño

Alcohol content: 12.5% vol.

Total acidity: 5.6 gr/l

Reducing sugars: 2 gr/l

Sandy loam soil with espalier

Made by controlled fermentation between 15ºC and 18ºC for approximately 15 days in stainless steel tanks. 

Viña Reboreda – Ribeiro

Viña Reboreda – Ribeiro

Grapes: Palomino, Treixadura, Torrentés, Godello

Alcohol content: 11.5% vol.

Total acidity: 5.5 gr / l

Remaining sugars: 4 gr / l

Gran Reboreda – Ribeiro

Gran Reboreda – Ribeiro

Grapes:  Treixadura

Less Aging: 3 meses

Alcohol Content: 13% vol.

Total acidity: 6 gr/l

Remaining sugars: 4 gr/l

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